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Whether your pet is sick, hurt, or just in need of a checkup, finding a veterinarian that performs in-house diagnostics is a smart choice. No one wants to waste time waiting for test results or face the additional expense of having their pet’s tests be sent to an outside facility.

At West Lake Animal Hospital, we understand and are proud to offer comprehensive in-house diagnostics in Taylorsville. We use state-of-the-art equipment to perform a wide range of tests at our facility, and we are equipped to deliver accurate results quickly and affordably.

Our Diagnostic Services

In many situations, we can gather all of the information we need by performing a thorough hands-on exam on your pet. In other cases, though, we require information that only diagnostic tests can provide. At West Lake Animal Hospital, we have an on-site laboratory that allows us to perform blood, urine, and fecal tests. We also use digital computed radiography (CR) and ultrasound when we need to take a look at your pet’s internal structure or organs.

This equipment enables us to diagnose many diseases and injuries in-house and begin treatment promptly.

In-House Diagnostics in Taylorsville

When your pet needs diagnostic testing, we are here to help. For in-house diagnostics in Taylorsville and the surrounding areas, depend on the compassionate team right here at West Lake Animal Hospital. To find out more about the types of testing we are equipped to provide or to schedule an appointment for your pet, please reach out to us today.


West Lake Animal Hospital offers in-house diagnostics for pets in Taylorsville, Kearns, West Jordan, West Valley City, and the surrounding areas.
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