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As a pet parent, you may think that your dog or cat’s unpleasant breath is natural and something that you just need to get used to. It could, however, be a sign of serious trouble. While you probably shouldn’t expect your canine or feline companion to have minty-fresh breath, it shouldn’t smell so bad that you feel the need to turn away if they come in for a kiss!

In many cases, that dreaded doggy or kitty breath stems from a lack of proper dental care. Just like people, companion animals need dental services throughout their lives. Keep in mind, too, that unpleasant breath is just the tip of the iceberg. If you fail to keep up with your pet’s dental care, they could face discomfort, pain, or even premature death.

At West Lake Animal Hospital, we can help. We provide pet dentistry in Taylorsville and the surrounding areas and would be more than happy to have your pet as our newest patient.

Our Dental Services

Without dental care, 70% of pets suffer from dental disease by the time they are three years old. And by age 5, a whopping 85% suffer from periodontal disease. And when left untreated, oral problems can lead to systemic disease.
West Lake Animal Hospital offers the services you need to keep your beloved companion from becoming a statistic. From digital dental x-rays and routine ultrasonic and hand scaling and polishing to oral surgery and bonded sealants, and local anesthesia, we do it all. We even use a local anesthetic during treatment to ensure your pet’s comfort.

Pet Dentistry

For pet dentistry in Taylorsville, trust the team right here at West Lake Animal Hospital. Please reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.


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