Keep Your Pet Safe this Holiday Season: 3 Common Hazards to Avoid


No pet parent wants their Christmas fun to result in needing to schedule an appointment with a West Jordan vet. After all, the Christmas season is a joyful time that is supposed to be brimming with joy and happiness. Unfortunately, it is also a period of time that might be very hazardous for our fur babies. Many of the things that make the holidays merry and bright for us can be dangerous to our furry family members. If you are not mindful, your pet may find themselves hurt, sick, or much worse. In terms of safeguarding your companion, awareness of potential dangers is crucial. Keep scrolling to discover a few of the most common animal hazards of the holiday season. 



Tinsel and Tree Trims

Sure, they are gorgeous decorating your tree. Did you know, however, that tinsel and tree trims - especially ones of the glass variety - might be hazardous to your beloved pets? If ingested, tinsel could become entangled in your furry friend's intestines, causing a blockage that will have to be taken out surgically. Plus, ornaments that are swatted off the Christmas tree and smashed can easily lead to serious lacerations. Protect your companion by avoiding the tinsel and decorating your tree only with shatterproof plastic ornaments. 

Christmas Feasts

If you’re contemplating serving your fur baby a plate of food during your family’s holiday feast, you may need to reconsider. A few of your most beloved holiday ingredients could very well be poisonous to your dog or cat and may lead to serious problems. Never share any foods or beverages containing alcohol, chocolate, raisins, grapes, chives, garlic, or onions. Unfortunately, bones and fat are not appropriate snacks for pets, either, because they can cause choking or even lead to pancreatitis. To protect your pet (and to avoid an unplanned visit to a West Jordan vet), it is better to maintain their regular food and treats throughout the holiday season - no matter how much they beg! 

Electronic Lighting and Decor

Strings of shimmering lights and other decorations that require electricity set a joyful holiday mood, however, they may be hazardous to your fur baby. When you have a curious kitten or playful puppy who enjoys chewing, the cords and flickering bulbs can be a powerful temptation. Just one nibble might result in serious injuries inside their mouth or electrocution, though, so it is always critical to be sure that all cords are inaccessible to your pet. 

Visiting a West Jordan Vet

If your fur baby needs to be seen by a West Jordan vet in the coming weeks (or at any other time), West Lake Animal Hospital is available to assist. Our loving team offers a comprehensive array of services and will be more than happy to help your furry friend during their time of need. To learn more or to schedule your companion's visit, please get in touch with us now.


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