Dog Health and Pet Vaccines in Taylorsville: A Survival Guide


You can't stop your furball from rolling during playtime, but you can prevent avoid needless suffering from a preventable illness or infection. With timely vaccinations, you can keep your pet safe from dangerous diseases like leptospirosis, CPV, and rabies. Pet vaccines in Taylorsville protect your fur companion and ensure that they can’t infect other pets or humans in the community. Here’s the vaccination schedule that we offer at Westlake Animal Hospital.


Types of Vaccinations for Your Pet

Vaccines use antigens that strengthen your pet’s immune system and defend their body from disease-causing organisms. The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) splits pet vaccines into two categories:   

  •         Core Vaccines: Core vaccines prevent the most common life-threatening diseases, including distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, feline leukemia, and rabies, and feline herpes. Every dog or cat needs core vaccines, regardless of their age, breed, lifestyle, and habits.
  •         Non-Core Vaccines: Also known as lifestyle vaccines, these vaccines fight diseases like bordetella bronchiseptica, parainfluenza, Chlamydia felis, etc. Your pet may or may not need non-core vaccines, depending on their living environment and lifestyle.

What Is the Ideal Schedule to Administer Pet Vaccines in Taylorsville?

Whether you have kittens, puppies, or both, start the first round of their vaccines when they turn 6-8 weeks old. After that, every three weeks until the age of four months, your pet will need proper vaccines.

The waiting period between each vaccine depends on the age of your pet. In most cases, puppies and kittens are vaccinated three times over the first six months. Then, they need yearly boosters, and core pet vaccines in Taylorsville are administered every three years.

For adult pets, our vets can conduct a Titre test. It measures the number of antibodies in their system. That’s where we prescribe a vaccination protocol essential for your fur baby’s health if it lacks the adequate antibodies to combat preventable diseases.

Schedule an Appointment for Pet Vaccinations

Preventing an infection or a deadly disease is much better than treating a sick pet. Even if your pet is pregnant, lactating, or has an unknown medical history, proper vaccinations keep them healthy.

At Westlake Animal Hospital, we advise you on the right options and administer the required vaccines to your pet. Our veterinarian will prepare a vaccination schedule during your first visit, including periodic immunity boosters, if you have an adult pet. Click here to schedule an appointment. 


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