3 Hot-Weather Pet Safety Tips from a Vet in Taylorsville


Summer is well underway, and there's no better time for hanging out with friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, warm summer days and pets don’t always mix. When the mercury climbs, it's vital to know how to keep your cat or dog safe. At West Lake Animal Hospital, our team never wants to witness any animals suffering from heat-related illnesses. Learn how to protect your pet with these safety tips from a skilled vet in Taylorsville.

Leave Pets at Home

Even if your four-legged best friend loves taking car rides, home is the safest place for them to be on hot summer days. It only takes 30 minutes for the interior of a car to reach 120° when the outside temperature is 85°. Parking in a shaded spot or leaving a window cracked doesn’t provide any real benefit. Leaving the car running with the air conditioner switched on isn't safe, either. Even new vehicles can have problems and break down, and it's possible for unattended pets to unintentionally turn off the air conditioner or even bump the vehicle out of park. Leaving a pet alone in a vehicle is extremely dangerous, and it just is not worth the risk. 

Provide Plenty of Water

Dogs and cats need to have fresh, clean water available to them all the time - especially during hot weather. Keep their water dish at home full of fresh, clean water at all times, and remember to pack a bottle or two of water when taking your four-legged best friend for a walk. 

Stay Off Hot Pavement

The air temperature is not the only thing you need to be concerned about in the summer. Paved surfaces get really hot, too, and can burn your pet's paws. Black asphalt is the most dangerous surface during the summer and can be up to 60° warmer than the ambient temperature. In these situations, serious burns can occur within just a minute. 

We suggest avoiding pavement of all types as much as possible in the summer. When you must walk on paved surfaces, check the temperature with your hand prior to letting your pet walk on it. If you are unable to comfortably keep your hand on it for ten seconds, it’s too hot for your pet to walk on. Consider buying booties to protect your pup’s paws when they have to walk on hot surfaces. 

Visit a Vet in Taylorsville for Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Prevention

Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes - which carry heartworm -  are year-round pests, but they are most problematic during warm weather. Make sure you schedule an appointment with your pet’s vet in Taylorsville to keep them up to date on flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives.

If your four-legged family member needs a vet in Taylorsville, our team would be honored to help. Contact West Lake Animal Hospital now to schedule your companion's appointment. 


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